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  1. Venezuela's Bleak Outlook (AP) Eric Farnsworth / The Banker. February 26, After the dramatic events of and the beginning of , during which time both the ruling regime of Nicolás Maduro and the interim government headed by Juan Guaidó attempted but failed to land a knockout blow on each other, an uneasy status quo has settled on.
  2. Jun 04,  · On the flip side, Vtech Holdings' cut in FY dividend payout ratio could be reflective of the bleak outlook in FY, with the coronavirus pandemic having a .
  3. The bleak outlook for the Doha Round of trade negotiations is of particular concern, with growing sentiment that the needs and interests of developing countries are not being taken fully into account.
  4. Their outlook is still bleak—though slightly less so than their buy-side counterparts. There is near-unanimous agreement (98%) that ad sales revenue will be down this year, compared to original.
  5. May 15,  · Cathay Pacific Loses Money, Flags 'Very Bleak' Outlook By Reuters, Wire Service Content May 15, By Reuters, Wire Service Content May 15, , at a.m.
  6. Definition of bleak. 1: exposed and barren and often windswept a bleak landscape bleak soils. 2: cold, raw a bleak November evening. 3 a: lacking in warmth, life, or kindliness: grim a bleak prison documentary. b: not hopeful or encouraging: depressing a bleak prognosis a bleak outlook the future looks bleak.
  7. May 15,  · Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd said on Friday it made an unaudited loss of HK$ billion ($ million) at its full-service airlines during January-April and flagged a "very bleak Author: Reuters Editorial.
  8. May 19,  · College towns face bleak outlook during coronavirus, but Clemson businesses are hopeful.

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