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  1. Concrete tiles (including colorful encaustic tiles) can be refinished over time to remove discolorations, just like you would treat scratched and damaged hardwood floors. Using a high-grade sandpaper on the dampened surface (to keep dust at bay), and gently sand away the top microlayer of concrete to reveal a fresh layer with revived colors.
  2. Apr 25,  · I rent a location that is quite old (60 year old building) on cinder block foundation with a concrete slab. No access to crawl space that anyone knows of. My landlord told me he had the slab sealed with epoxy, and I installed resilient vinyl flooring on top of it.
  3. A seawall can be a great addition to any waterfront property. It can not only hold back water and protect your landscape from erosion, but can also give your property a finished ehpaustucvifegacouncentroudmibackfork.infoinfo a seawall is not difficult to build, it does take a lot of time and may require some heavy equipment.
  4. The vinyl plank installation guide does say that it can go over concrete, but "concrete that exhibits high levels of Moisture Vapor Emissions/ Hydrostatic pressure in combination with high levels of alkalinity provides a substance that is highly corrosive.
  5. Always clean the surface first and make major repairs with a concrete product. For toppings less than 1" thick, add QUIKRETE® Concrete Acrylic Fortifier to the mix. For toppings between 1 and 2", paint Concrete Bonding Adhesive on the surface. Moist cure topping for 5 to 7 days or coat with Cure & Seal at the appropriate time. No special curing or sealing is needed when Acrylic Fortifier is.
  6. Step 2 Building Size Width: 12 Feet 14 Feet 16 Feet 18 Feet 20 Feet 22 Feet 24 Feet 26 Feet 28 Feet 30 Feet Length: 12 Feet 14 Feet 16 Feet 18 Feet 20 Feet 22 Feet 24 Feet 26 Feet 28 Feet 30 Feet.
  7. And then baseboard is another leap forward it’s so exciting! Today I’m sharing some tips, tools, and tricks to installing vinyl plank over concrete. This is the second time we’ve done our concrete basement using vinyl plank flooring (see the last place here!) and this time it went SO much smoother.
  8. Someone building their own vinyl liner pool can do so for under $20, Base vinyl liner packages typically cost $30,$38, while turn-key vinyl liner packages will typically cost $38,$90, There is much more fluctuation in the initial cost of Vinyl because there are tons of options in .
  9. Fiberglass Inground Pool Prices. Fiberglass inground pool prices range from $18, for a 10' by 16' to $63, for installing a 18' by 30' pool. Over a year period, maintenance and upkeep costs will be around $3, and the pool will last for 25 years or more.. Much easier to clean and maintain than either vinyl or concrete.

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