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  1. The Band video documentary indicates that most of Rock of Ages was taped at the soundcheck and not at the actual concert. This led to a discussion in the newsgroup ehpaustucvifegacouncentroudmibackfork.infoinfo-band in January A limited edition Japanese CD, with very nice artwork and covers, but horrible lyrics transcriptions, came in The remastered Rock of Ages reissue from Capitol records is a 2CD set with.
  2. * Items below may differ depending on the release. Review There is, if my addition and the record company's listed times are correct, precisely one hour, 11 minutes and 11 seconds of music on this album and it is the bargain of the decade at your favorite discount house.
  3. These could consist of two vinyl LPs in a single 2-LP box, or one double-sided LPs are seven inches across and spin at 45 rotations per minute on your record player. They only have five minutes of playing time per side at most, so they are usually used for singles.
  4. The title Rock of Ages refers here to the generations of people who like rock music, but is also a play on Rock of Ages, an extremely popular eighteenth century hymn written by Reverend Augustus Montague ehpaustucvifegacouncentroudmibackfork.infoinfo the song, the Rock is a natural formation which shelters a man during a storm, and is seen as a metaphor of God the Father protecting his children.
  5. Originally issued in as a double live album, 'Rock of Ages' captures The Band in concert at the height of their powers. Over the piece, for my money, there are more 'best' versions here than on the still staggeringly good 'Last Waltz' set/5().
  6. Limited double gm colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Includes insert and a special business-card of the Bourbon Room. Rock of Ages is a musical comedy-drama film directed by Adam Shankman.

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